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add to favorites commercial elastic floor the market composite deck
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Armstrong (Chinese) Investment Limited) 3, Gerflor Gerflor (started in France in 1937, one of the world's most professional PVC sports flooring production enterprises well-known elastic plastic flooring manufacturers, Gerflor (Chinese) Co., 4), Targett Targett (in France in 1872, the famous manufacturer of plastic floor, plastic floor ten brand leader, commercial elastic floor the market of Targett Asia Limited,

Polyflor (5) Polyflor in 1915 England, specializes in design and production of plastic floor multinational enterprises, the world famous brand Polyflor (plastic floor. Hongkong) Co. Ltd., Bonie (6) Bonie plastic floor ten brand, R & D, production and sales of professional decoration materials company, Bonie Building Materials Technology International Group Co. Ltd) 7, kendiya (national trademark protection,

floor ten brand, won the Chinese brand, environmental certification mark, the most Chinese 500 of the value of the brand, Jiangsu cartierwood Co Ltd) 8, Han Hua HANWHA (founded in 1952, South Korea's leading brands, well-known enterprises in the field of plastics processing, one of the largest home plate in the field, South Korea South Korea Hanwha Group Corporation), 9 (Chinese libaodi building materials group,
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add to favorites bottom layer of common composite deck
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with specifications of hardwood veneer inlaying plate or sheet laminated panel. Three layer solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring from multilayer parquet and three layer composite wood floors are wood flooring, the different materials for solid wood veneer or a puzzle, with glue in high temperature under pressure from,

among them, three layer wood flooring is made of three layers of wood veneer laminated staggered a. Composite wood floor surface thickness is very good, can reach about 2mm, relatively resistant, intermediate layer and the bottom layer of common pine fir balance stability, the cost is relatively high; multi-layer parquet surface is very thin, only 0.6 1mm or so, the bottom with hardwood production,

quality mainly depends on the used glue. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that you choose three floors of solid wood composite flooring better. Three layer parquet parquet classification is divided into three layers of solid wood flooring and parquet. The family decoration is the commonly used three layer parquet. Three layer wood flooring is made of three layers of solid wood veneer staggered laminated,
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add to favorites bamboo floor finishing
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Current, already excogitated bamboo floor finishing, new-style bamboo the new technology such as production of plate of structure of dry, complete bamboo, new technology, development gives the hi-tech product such as banquet of health care of char of Chinese herbal medicine, formulate the product industry standard such as sanitarian banquet, breed provincial farming, enterprise of forestry estate bibcock 12. Make the development of food of good bamboo shoot, development bamboo shoot processes a business 24 the home, cooperation 16,

built " company + cooperation + base + farmer " production manages mode, the company of treatment of bamboo shoot food that is a delegate along Lin Ke with world forest company, bamboo grows ceaselessly expand, "Peach river bamboo shoot " force is had first. Produced winter bamboo shoots to make an appointment with 5 million jins 2015. Produce bamboo shoots in spring to make an appointment with 20 million jins this year, only this one, bamboo farming is added on average each close 200 multivariate.

Peach river still develops bamboo tourism energetically, main concentration is in resource of travel of entire county bamboo to accumulate the peach blossom that amounts to 100 thousand mus one-sidedly repeatedly Zhu Haijing area of pond of Jiang Zhu sea, gold.
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add to favorites wood plastic composite material containing deck
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polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride resin adhesive, instead of usual, and more than 50% of the wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber mixed into new wood materials, after extrusion, injection molding, process type plastic processing, produce the sheet or shaped. Below we take a look at the performance characteristics of wood plastic composite materials.

good processing properties of wood plastic composite material containing plastic and fiber, therefore, is similar to the same timber processing performance, and can be sawed, nailed, planed, the use of woodworking equipment can be completed, and the nail holding ability is better than other synthetic materials. Mechanical properties are better than wood materials. The nail holding force is 3 times as much as that of wood, and is about 5 times as large as that of particleboard.

good strength properties of wood plastic composite material containing plastic, so it has good elastic modulus. In addition, due to the inclusion of fiber and fully mixed with the plastic, so with the equivalent of hard wood, compression, bending and other physical and mechanical properties, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials. High surface hardness, generally 2 - 5 times the wood.
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add to favorites Fireproof decorative board
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Pressure treatment, combustion performance for the A2 level, the board does not require secondary decoration, a molding, easy to use, is the ideal modern high profile decoration materials. Features: fire retardant: scientific ingredients, high temperatureexterior bamboo wood and decking and tiles
add to favorites repair the cork floor after wpc floor
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even if the fall will not hurt the characteristics. The house Xiaobian to introduce cork floor maintenance tips. Part.1: cork floor cork floor maintenance four key points to remember feels like wine bottle, in fact is not delicate. Cork floor maintenance work is simple and easy to do than the solid wood floor,

do a good job maintenance work has the following four steps. 1, regular maintenance: floor wax to keep in mind the same as the solid wood floor, the surface of the brush with paint cork floor, the general half a floor wax can be played. The surface of the resin coated layer of cork flooring with the same care of the composite floor. 2, small repair: a small part of the repair techniques used to repair the cork floor after a period of time if there are other parts of the wear and tear, you can use the local remedies.

In the wear place with sandpaper gently polished, remove the dirt on its surface, and then dry soft cloth gently wipe clean, re coated with a coating, or at the local coated polyester film. 3, cleaning and maintenance: dry wet mop mopping used to clean the floor, twist mop dry and then use better, too wet mops, in the use of water will penetrate the joint damage caused by deformation of floor, tilt the floor, especially wood flooring,
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add to favorites composed of several layers wpc floor
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and Matt type floor decoration effect is also very good, home decoration is often used. The characteristics of solid wood flooring, material temperature, Juegan good, true nature. Smooth and uniform surface coating, size, large selection, easy maintenance. However, due to the physical characteristics of wood itself, this kind of floor in dry or wet environment, easy to produce deformation, anti Alice and other phenomena, installation is also more trouble. 2, the so-called composite wood flooring flooring,

is composed of several layers, arranged in a crisscross pattern after insect resistant mouldproof processing pine veneer as the base material, then add 1 - 5 mm thickness ranging from a single wood surface, finally the dust drip paint coating work, evenly coated on the surface of the paint and the tenon wood floor. Composite floor because of the use of "three plywood" structure, so some of the wood moisture content due to the deformation of wood. But cracks easily, as well, has good abrasion resistance,

maintenance is convenient. But some of the products on the floorThe floor at home every day, walking in the above, sometimes more guests directly to the guests do not take off shoes inside, so it is easy to wear the floor, in fact every day we will clean up the floor, but want to make floor maintenance better, longer service life, so the floor maintenance needs to pay attention to some problems, so as to avoid damage on the floor below, along with a look at what issues need attention.
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add to favorites unique curves similar wpc floor
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A oriental building up takes advantage of a multitude of white supplies. As well as the associated with ground makes use of the actual pink terrain inside massive measurements. Among reasons why you are the nation's attraction certainly is the applying of WPC Decking . Many of these form of stuff manages the high quality and additionally pressing sense of wood, and in addition gains the unique curves similar to wood. Nevertheless, doesn't meam they are the real wood. Immediately, we can acquire the usual as well as wide-ranging tool of wpc wood in lots of houses.

WPC refers to wood plastic composite. It can be a different sort of enviromentally friendly protecting substance. It will make us going for plastic plus herbal real wood dietary fibre through specialized items similar to depressing, plastic injection, component modifying to develop the items structure.

The principle things to get WPC wood incorporate plastic and organic fibers. In comparison with the more common wood cloth, the largest benefit from wpc fence materials is definitely on your eye-catching engagement that will situation and wood aid keeping. This wood saving is robust to help you keeping habitat.
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add to favorites amount of the floor
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Recently, the Beijing diamond's introduced a new line of products, floor surface is adornment veneer layer, satisfies the requirement of solid mu fu joins a floor board surface performance; Base material for high density fiberboard, aggrandizement floor meet performance requirements.
Samples of the enterprise through the country man-made board quality supervision and inspection center detection, EO formaldehyde release a quantity to meet the national standard level requirement. Domestic first aggrandizement is compound the floor of the production enterprises, the Shanghai huili flooring products co., LTD.
in a successful development of the circular arc card buckle profile type floor, has started to mass production. This floor got the favour of foreign customers, the existing a large number of orders, exports Europe and the United States market.
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add to favorites layer of floor
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Mountains and reliefs, was found at the scene of the sales department of about 100 square meters, the floor for sale price is controlled in 65 yuan/bag, jia jia le about 50 square meters of real wood floor, external price at about 130 yuan/package. In order to protect consumers' rights and interests,
the ministry of commerce and industry of the two kinds of unqualified products flow will follow up, have a person, but to report complaints to hefei city industrial and commercial bureau of fair trading, complaint telephone: 0551-4291005. Whether the floor of sitting room or bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, its clean and shining, direct influence on the whole between guest room sense has absolutely.
Often cleanness maintains, can avoid floor surface is worn under the long-term use of opportunity, prolong service life. Now there are a lot of on the floor of different materials, such as floor tile, woodiness, plastic floor, marble floor, grinding stone floor and carpet the floor carpet cleaner of special research and development,
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add to favorites Nuo man-made board produces
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Industry of power timber of Henan beautiful Nuo man-made board produces the large modernization that limited company is capital attraction of government of county of Henan province new Cai enterprise, held water in July 2016, the company registers capital 60 million yuan, employee 280 people, personnel of of all kinds and professional technology 60 people, in advanced technology personnel 20 more than person.

The company is located in area of garden of area of assemble of industry of new Cai county, be apart from big new freeway exports wide, Chu 5 kilometers, border 106, 328 nations line, be apart from Hefei, Wuhan,

Zhengzhou 300 kilometers, this world that be apart from a letter, inn that be stationed in a horse, mound 100 kilometers control this world, area position is clear, communication is very easy. Plant area covers an area of a face to accumulate 153000 square metre, plan total investment to be 500 million yuan of RMBs.
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add to favorites wood floor market
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The floor is their most free space. In any children rooms, floor material must have warm tactile, and the ability to adapt to the child from baby young period the need in the process of adolescence, so spread material for internal quality, processing molding and installed, each link should be strictly controlled, because it takes so long to get along with children after a period of time.
First of all, the material laying the ground of child room must can facilitate clean, cannot have uneven decorative pattern, juncture, because any drop these not carefully sunken the dot in the juncture that go down becomes the child's potential menace possibly. In the meantime, these concave and convex decorative pattern and aperture is also easy to stumble toddlers, so the floor maintains smooth level off is very important.
So, in horniness material and weak qualitative data, will you choose which kind? My advice is: ask you not to move toward neat extreme. Flooring is too hard although easy to clean, but feel cold, especially the child that climbs everywhere will be very uncomfortable. If parents plan to spread carpet on solid the earth's surface, should clear up the original surface above all whether too smooth.
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add to favorites ttending the meeting
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Back-to-back, honored guest attending the meeting, chinese forestry economy learns a director to express on the opening ceremony: "935 " it is phase of key of society of overall construction well-off, also be the crucial period that reforms progress, future is the gold period that forestry develops 5 years.

Boundless Vice Prime Minister ever put forward to be in current henceforth inside period, it is one of period with forestry industry best development. We want firmly seize this development opportunity, accelerate boost the forestry modernization, beneficial result that improves forestry development in the round, ensure forestry development and country develop harmonious photograph to suit.

We want accurate hold new period new job, reinforce determination further, filling development of act of innovation development concept, perfect development, cover is short board. The form decides the task, the action decides effect. For this, our take a broad view is long-term, joint development innovation, strengthen the linkage, world economy that be safeguarded sturdily and expands open sex.
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add to favorites wpc deck your decotative elements
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cutter machine not to mention nail works extremely well on it. As per the wood made feature not to mention watertight option from nasty, WPC flooring can be used the superb WPC Wall Panel constructing material to defend to protect against water plus erosive substance.

Tough include for plasticity: it will without difficulty fulfill the customized decor to hold completely different models. Large elements relating to the environmental coverage, non-pollution along with delete electricity: WPC decking relates E0 traditional involved with painting them to help save solid wood utility total.

In terms of your decotative elements, let us just about all give thought to wood, stainless steel and most several other newer as well as high-tech items. Nowadays, any wood plastic composite information is quite well known as it is not simply especially environmental, but probably especially cost-efficient. Also, these toppers is really good, so you can conserve a lot of cash as it would be and so hard-wearing.
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add to favorites month United States
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According to the United States western wood association (WWPA) data statistic, 2016 1-11 month United States western total output of sawn timber of needle leaf wood amounts to thirty million two hundred and fifty-five thousand two hundred stere, go producing per year a quantity to be twenty-nine million four hundred and sixty-two thousand two hundred stere compared to the same period, rise 2.7% .
Coastal sawmill accrete produces sawn timber of needle leaf wood eighteen million two hundred and seventy-one thousand one hundred stere, rise compared to the same period 2.5% ; Inland sawmill crop amounts to ten million nine hundred and seventy-eight thousand seven hundred stere, go producing per year a quantity to be ten million eight hundred and ninety-four thousand stere compared to the same period, rise 3.6% .
Only in November, the United States western total output of sawn timber of needle leaf wood amounts to 2.655 million stere, go producing per year a quantity to be two million four hundred and thirty-five thousand five hundred stere compared to the same period, rise 9.0% ;
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add to favorites the floor section
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"the factory before the inn" strong opening report from our correspondent by Concorde group and nine peaks in sichuan investment companies in the United States a large direct selling enterprises invested -- before 21st century factory stores will be opened next month [url=]antioxidant balcony flooring material supplier[/url] .
Thought manufacturers set up a face directly to the end consumer business platform [url=]best composite non slip stairs fencing[/url] , the implementation of direct sales model, the scale to win, chain cover, convenient services strategy of bathroom cabinets products sales center, will rise in the south of chengdu [url=]advantages of wooden panel cheap sale[/url] . Controller introduction according to the market,
the so-called "before the factory store" is the factory direct pricing, without intermediate links direct docking with the consumers of a marketing model. Cao Jianyi with hutch ark acclaimed report from our correspondent recently [url=]diy composite wood bench[/url] , consumers to benefit from the chengdu people's public security police schools have after-sale service department sent to pennants,
add to favorites outdoor height measurement wpc fence
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the installation of glass door gate clamp, the upper and lower metal doors are respectively arranged on the upper and lower ends of the glass door, and the door height measurement. If the gap below the door door from the frame and the ground more than the specified value, namely the door height, the bottom of the glass mat plywood strips in next door folder. 11, fixed on the glass door next door clip,

set the door leaf height, both sides of the gap under the door folder in the thick glass and metal, while inserting small wood, solid glass glue and then injected into the tap, in the gap between the small pieces of wood, thick glass door clip in. 12, the door leaf positioning installation, first with itself out of plane 2mm beam adjusting screw pin positioning frame beam; the glass door leaf upright, the rotating pin door door clip in the connecting hole alignment spring rotating pin shaft,

and the rotary door leaf will bore into the pin shaft after the beginning of the 900; turn the door to door frame perpendicular to the beam, the door leaf rotating connector holes in alignment dowels frame beam, the adjusting screw positioning pin, the positioning pin is inserted into a hole of about 15mm. 13, the installation of glass door handle, full glass door handle holes, usually in cutting glass processing.
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add to favorites Promote the use of high - performance asphalt pavement technology
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"Superpave" high-performance asphalt pavement road section of the long road life, Anshun Highway Authority to actively respond to the requirements of the Provincial Highway Bureau, not only in the national trunk road reconstruction project to actively promote the use of "Superpave" high-performance asphalt pavement technology,[url=]chip spreader market[/url]
and in 2016 Of the large and medium-sized repair project also to promote the use of the "Superpave" high-performance asphalt pavement technology.
Superpave asphalt mixture has the "poor SMA", which from the design to varying degrees to overcome the three major asphalt pavement damage, that is, anti-permanent deformation or rut,[url=]road groove maintenance services[/url]
resulting in cracking fatigue cracking and low temperature cracking, Of the AC series, in the case of construction costs equivalent to the quality of engineering entities have been greatly improved.
It is reported that the Council in 2016 large and medium-sized repair project a total of 24 km, before September 30, 2016 has been completed, the repair project a total of 23.1 km,[url=]concrete crack repair epoxy injection[/url]
in February 2017 has been successfully passed the acceptance of the Authority.
Superpave is an abbreviation for the English Superior Performance Asphalt Pavement, which is one of the key research results of the US Highway Strategic Research Program (SHRP, 1987-1993). In 1995, the Soviet Union in the country took the lead in the introduction of a full set of Superpave asphalt binder, a mixture of test equipment and a full set of norms, from the Superpave opened the prelude; in 2000, Su Piaoke paved the first Superpave test In 2005, Superpave technology in Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed expansion and other projects to be applied to the study,[url=]top road construction companies[/url]
so that the technology has entered a deep stage of innovation.During this period, Superpave Technology Symposium was held several times. More than 30 US experts have been invited to hold technical lecture to explain Superpave technology from material, design, performance test, construction and quality management.
Superpave from the introduction of technology to laying the test road, so far in more than 20 provinces to promote the use of the total mileage has more than 10000km, and achieved fruitful results. This conference is a review and summary of Superpave technology in China for 20 years. It is also an exploration and prospect for superpave technology. It will bring new opportunities for deepening research and innovation and development of this technology, which is important for the development of highway construction in China. significance.
add to favorites flooring over a period
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Bamboo flooring in theory [url=]anti aging outdoor deck plans[/url] , the use life can be up to 20 years or so , the proper use and maintenance is the key to extend the service life of the floor of bamboo.In recent years, due to the improper use of the floor of bamboo, some consumers caused a lot of complaints [url=]basketball court using wood decking[/url] .
Bamboo flooring in the use of the most important is to keep the indoor humidity, Because it after drying treatment, but because bamboo is a natural material, so it is also with the humidity of climate change [url=]wood flooring finishes vendor[/url] .In the north area in the dry season, especially when open heating, the consumer should be the adoption of a different method of adjusting humidity in the Interior, such as humidifiers or put a basin of water in heating and so on.
And when the humid in the summer, should open a window ventilated, keep dry.In addition, the laboratory should avoid exposure to sunlight and the rain, in case of water to should be wiped in time [url=]composite deck sealer stain[/url] .The paint should try to avoid the impact of the bamboo floor, a sharp scratch, metal friction and so on.
add to favorites inspect bureau is announced
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Occupy additionally, the Fujian Province pledges inspect bureau is announced 2014 Fujian Province joinery board linkage of product quality country selectives [url=]marine flooring products Manufacturers[/url] examination examine result, have two batch product unqualified. Nominal the one batch joinery that plant of products of 3 friendly wood produces division of the city proper and areas just outside its gates of Pu cropland city board (× 18mm 2014-6-26 of 1220mm × 2440mm) project of moisture content be givinged by check is unqualified,

nominal the one batch joinery that limited company produces course of study of Fujian Province lowing annatto board (× 17mm 2014-4-14 of 2440mm × 1220mm) [url=]waterproof interlocking wood wall panel[/url] project of intensity of agglutination of surface be givinged by check is unqualified. "Current, ' without formaldehyde plywood ' the current situation that existence lacks national level and occupation standard,

the good and bad are intermingled of this kinds of product on the market, we opened the market to also encounter a lot of problems before New Year in how, [url=]Waterproof Garden Wpc Flooring Suppliers[/url] but we establish rigid industry standard stoutly, had attracted now like heart Er floor such well-known company cooperates, will devote oneself to to extend market of environmental protection furniture. " Yang Dianji says.