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Created 2018-01-05
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Title phenomenon of leakage of ultrafine mill
Description ultrafine mill in the process of work, the possible types of problems that are parts wear and environmental pollution, etc., of which environmental pollution refers to the noise caused by vibration and dust spill phenomenon, but there is also a phenomenon Is an environmental problem, but does not belong to dust spill, it is the phenomenon of powder leakage, this phenomenon is very unfavorable for the production of ultrafine mill, this article is to introduce what is caused by this situation problem.
In general, the phenomenon of ultrafine abrasion powder mainly occurs at the bottom of the machine. At the time of work, the bottom of the mill is leak-tight, but it can happen if the following situations occur This particular problem:
Point in the long-term work of the ultrafine mill, the phenomenon of serious wear and tear at the bottom of the duct will lead to leakage phenomenon, because the air duct is mainly to provide the role of material separation, its wear and tear will Leading to leakage, in view of this phenomenon, we need to solve the problem is to replace the air duct;
The second point is the vertical shaft seat ultrafine mill center wear and tear loopholes in the situation, resulting in leakage phenomenon, we need to solve this problem is to uninstall the central part of the components, and then observe to see where A serious wear and tear parts, need to be replaced, this is a better solution;
The article mainly introduces the phenomenon that the leftover powder at the bottom of ultrafine mill is caused by what causes. The two aspects are introduced above, and for each one, a reasonable solution is given to solve the leakage phenomenon Is a very important issue to ensure the smooth progress of production.
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