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Category Outdoor
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Created 2017-12-26
Owner qzz10011
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Title Yuan blue and white gossip cylindrical incense burner
This blue and white incense burner for the Yuan Dynasty gossip cylindrical incense burner, 9.5cm high, diameter 15.3cm, diameter 12.5cm. Drum-shaped, square lip, straight mouth, oblique wall, diameter slightly larger than the bottom diameter.

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Fine white tire. Near the mouth of the wall at the mouth along the outer wall and glazing, enamel layer moist, slightly whitish. Green material along the shop full shop.

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Outer wall near the mouth along with the near at the end of the painted blue and white string two, the abdomen painted blue and white gossip pattern, Yang lotus petal pattern. This dark blue and white hair color, rust spots prominent. The petals of Yangliang petals are more pointed and the lotus petals are not connected to each other, which clearly shows the characteristics of the "eight yards" on the porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty.

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