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Created 2017-11-29
Owner enamelledwire
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Title Enameled Aluminum Wire is a quality
Description We use Grade A quality ( min.%99.9 Cu, max 1pp, oxygen and 58.5-59.3 m/ohm.mm2 electrical conductivity) electrolytic round Xinyu-enameledwire Enameled Aluminum Wire and Grade A quality electrolytic round aluminum wire and world’s best known enamel brands of ELANTAS as raw material in our production.

The machinery we use are all Italian, German and Austrian made high technology computer controlled enameling machines with in-line drawing unit, high-voltage testing unit etc.

We have a fully equipped test laboratory which includes nominal diameter ( with or without enamel), high-voltage, springiness, elongation, electrical resistance, heat shock, continuity, pin hole and all necessary tests.

Our production is in accordance with universal standards which are IEC and NEMA. According to our test results and customer feedbacks we always improve our production quality and customer satisfaction. Get more informaiton Aluminum Winding Wire : .