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Created 2015-09-29
Owner sandywang5230
Title we don't want to do that either
Description And so it's definitely been a challenge. So one of the things we're making sure we do is stay in constant communication with each other and make it as organic as possible without getting too departmentalized. Because we don't want to do that either. Even though we do have our different departments that do their unique tasks,rsgoldshop we always try to merge it together and come together, whether it be meetings or working side by side. We actually adjust our desks, every time there's a change. We move the groups together and work them together. We're ensuring that we're constantly keeping that communication going. Which is crazy with 500 plus people."I'm sure you've heard this from us before: 'We make the Runescape games we want to play.' That really drives the entire studio."Is everyone working on this game, pretty much?JS: Yes.That is nuts.JS: The scope that we wanted to do, with Jason Jones, Bungie co founder first coming to us and saying, "How big can you take your discipline?" How big can you make your environment? How big is too big? What is the right balance for that environment?
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