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Created 2017-09-13
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Title exposure to copper dust can lead to contact
Description The use of grinding copper powder mine grinding <a href="">ultrafine mill</a>, not only cobalt powder, nickel powder cheaper than the melting point of iron is low, and these copper powder is conducive to the selection of copper concentrate, accelerate the dissolution or combustion, improve the reaction efficiency. So in a variety of industries, the application of copper powder is very large. However, a large number of inhalation of copper smoke can cause metal smoke and heat, long-term exposure to copper dust can lead to contact dermatitis, nasal septum perforation, pulmonary fibrous tissue hyperplasia, which is the surrounding residents of the health is a great threat. In addition, a large number of copper powder is a stimulating dust, but also on the water, soil and the atmosphere will cause pollution. In addition, copper powder is a flammable item, the correct preservation can reduce a lot of disaster.

In recent years, the government has also introduced a policy to control the <a href="">ultrafine mill</a> area of ​​copper dust emissions, which to some extent, for the development of copper mine environmental protection laid a good foundation. The face of copper mine clean and clean production needs, Shanghai Shi Bang launched a new type of ultrafine copper powder grinding. The milling machine is designed for the hardness characteristics of copper ore. It has the characteristics of high efficiency of milling, high processing energy, simple structure, advanced technology, adjustable fineness, smooth operation and so on. There are some unique New design, in the industry attracted attention.